Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 3 Game: Scavenger Hunt!

::takes in a deep breath of fresh air:: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! It's time for the game for our third week (already?!) of the swap! This week is all about the scavenger hunt, so get out those cameras and magnifying glasses for some good ol' item hunting! As we don't have points going for summer camp, originality markers are not required, and you can use whatever photos you find. :) Super easy! But feel free to still get creative, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Here are the list of things you need to find pictures of:

  • campfire
  • pinecone
  • bowtruckle
  • candle
  • muggle trash
  • water balloon
  • edible plant
  • creature that lives in the lake
  • bird feather
  • yarn
  • Hogwarts/House pride item
  • a bathing suit (and extra magical kudos if it's a bathing suit on the headmistress!) ;)
 Happy hunting!!!


  1. So, if Ms. Wartbobble isn't here now, and we're at summer camp, how would we get a photo of a bathing suit on the headmistress?