Monday, July 12, 2010

Kit Guidelines

Kit Guidelines

Lazing by the summer lake and keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Sipping lemonade and telling ghost stories --with the ghosts present to make sure you tell the story right!  These are the days of summer.

For our kits this summer, the same relaxed but important tone follows.

Each kit should include: 
1- A smaller handmade item that incorporates the theme.  The kit descriptions page has beginning examples to get you started.  Basically, your handmade item should take a minimum of 1-2 hours to complete.  Remember, you only have 5 weeks to make and mail your kit, so save those cool time consuming patterns for HSKS12.
2-  Yarn and a pattern that fits in with your spoilees' favorites and that fits the theme!
3-  Small items to complete the kit of things your spoilee loves.  Chocolate or tea perhaps?  A set of stitch markers or a tape measure maybe?  Your imagination sets the limit! 

Of course, your Cabin Counselor is here for you!  Showing off your kit in your private cabin and getting feedback from fellow Cabinmates always helps.  And, the communication between you and your spoilee will really help you to customize it all.

Questions?  Leave them here in the comments or post them on Ravelry.
Thank you!
Wisteria and Siobhan

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