Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 3 Game: Scavenger Hunt!

::takes in a deep breath of fresh air:: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! It's time for the game for our third week (already?!) of the swap! This week is all about the scavenger hunt, so get out those cameras and magnifying glasses for some good ol' item hunting! As we don't have points going for summer camp, originality markers are not required, and you can use whatever photos you find. :) Super easy! But feel free to still get creative, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Here are the list of things you need to find pictures of:

  • campfire
  • pinecone
  • bowtruckle
  • candle
  • muggle trash
  • water balloon
  • edible plant
  • creature that lives in the lake
  • bird feather
  • yarn
  • Hogwarts/House pride item
  • a bathing suit (and extra magical kudos if it's a bathing suit on the headmistress!) ;)
 Happy hunting!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here is the game for week 2! The idea for this game is to find fellow magical campers (they can be from any cabin!) that meet this criteria, and fill in 5 squares in a row! No repeating of names is allowed, unless you are attempting a full blackout. You can either save the board as a picture and edit the names or info over the top of it, or you can simply list them like "W1 - Molly Weasley, (specifics required here); I1 - Albus Dumbledore, (specifics required here);" etc. Are you ready? Go get to know your camp-mates!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ha ha!

The Treehouse has been TPd!!!
Love, The Hut!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Prizes

What can be more fun than winning a prize?  This year at Summer Camp we will be drawing for weekly prizes.  Every camper will have 3 chances to get their name in the weekly drawing.  Your name will be entered when you:

~ Take part in the weekly activity,
~ Post to your blog, and 
~ Check in on your cabin blog and/or with your counselor on your kit progress.

We will be drawing 2 names each week.  Good luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kit Guidelines

Kit Guidelines

Lazing by the summer lake and keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Sipping lemonade and telling ghost stories --with the ghosts present to make sure you tell the story right!  These are the days of summer.

For our kits this summer, the same relaxed but important tone follows.

Each kit should include: 
1- A smaller handmade item that incorporates the theme.  The kit descriptions page has beginning examples to get you started.  Basically, your handmade item should take a minimum of 1-2 hours to complete.  Remember, you only have 5 weeks to make and mail your kit, so save those cool time consuming patterns for HSKS12.
2-  Yarn and a pattern that fits in with your spoilees' favorites and that fits the theme!
3-  Small items to complete the kit of things your spoilee loves.  Chocolate or tea perhaps?  A set of stitch markers or a tape measure maybe?  Your imagination sets the limit! 

Of course, your Cabin Counselor is here for you!  Showing off your kit in your private cabin and getting feedback from fellow Cabinmates always helps.  And, the communication between you and your spoilee will really help you to customize it all.

Questions?  Leave them here in the comments or post them on Ravelry.
Thank you!
Wisteria and Siobhan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camp Begins on Monday!

The portkey is now closed!  :-) 
Your Cabin Counselors will be sending out your matchups this weekend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Cabin Counselor, or either Siobhan or Wisteria.

See you Monday!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Portkey is Open!!

Aaah, a cabin by the lake... fun with Hogwarts friends both new and old.

Walk into the cabin for the portkey. :-)

Happy Registration!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kit Descriptions

It’s time for HSKS11, Summer Camp! Think of all the fun that comes with summer. At camp this year, everyone will have their choice of five different kits:

● A Critter Kit
● A Snack Kit
● A Games Kit
● A Crafts Kit
● A Nature Kit

When you sign up, you will be allowed to choose three types kits that you would like to receive. Please pick them in the order you prefer. Your spoiler will choose from the ones you select.
For the person doing the spoiling, we’ve compiled a few ideas of things that could be in these types of kits. Of course, the best way to begin forming your kit would be to stalk your spoilee and see what kinds of things they would like.

Some suggestions to get you started are:
● A Critter Kit: Think of all the critters you might find at summer camp, both big and small. You could knit or crochet a critter such as a squirrel or an owl. Make an insect box. You could sew a small bag out of dragonfly fabric. Knit dragonfly or snake in the grass socks. Make a sand casted starfish. There are also many wonderful amigurumi patterns, both crocheted and knit on Ravelry.

● A Snack Kit: We all love snacks! How about a picnic cloth and napkins? You could sew, knit or crochet a sweet little tea towel or dish cloth for wiping hands. Amigurumi snack food or a knitted fruit sock for real food. A recipe book of camp/summer foods… A water bottle holder. Favorite edibles or homemade trail mix recipes could be added to the kit as well.

● A Games Kit: What are your favorite games? Would your spoilee like a knit pouch with marbles? A jacks bag with jacks? Pickup Sticks? Checker board and a bag for the pieces? Tic Tac Toe? Game-day mitts? Game book for rainy days?

● A Crafts Kit: Haven’t we all done crafts at camp? Braided lanyards or friendship bracelets. Beaded necklaces, paper-covered journals, origami books, pinwheels and picture frames. There are many crocheted and knitted patterns on here to choose from, or, if your spoilee loves to shrinky-dink things or beading or painting… there are endless options!

● A Nature Kit: What would camp be without nature? Wouldn’t it be fun to wrap yourself in a leaf shawl? A Leaves of grass scarf? How about a sun catcher? A small sack for gathering treasures while on a nature walk? An acorn project or trees of the seasons are always nice.

The bottom line on kits such as these will primarly be about getting to know your spoilee. Asking questions and sleuthing around their blog and Ravelry will flesh your kit out to the point of idea explosion! :-)

Additionally, adding your own favorite items such as yarns, patterns, projects, designers, colors, snacks, music, activities, etc. to your Rav profile or Blog page will help your spoiler in forming your own kit. If they have nothing to go by, how good will your kit be?