Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 4 Game: Water Balloons!

Do any of you remember the last summer camp? That really super fun and exciting game of the Golden Egg Hunt? Well this year, we're doing it again! Except they're water balloons this time around. (Those rotten eggs stunk up the camp for weeks! We needed something with less odor to hide!) So for those of you that weren't able to attend last year's summer camp, here's how it works: Each counselor will be hiding 25 balloons, that will be an image with a number on it. They can be hidden anywhere within the dates for the current running swap (in forums, blogs, etc.), or even in the current swap's participants project or stash pictures! Your job is to find the balloons, and post to this thread on Rav forum. In that post, you need to provide the link/URL to where you found the balloon (not the image hosting site we're getting them from!), your Potter name and your cabin name. Only the first person to post a specific find gets credit, and the balloons will be hidden throughout the week. :) The cabin that has found the most balloons at the end, wins! I'm not sure what will be won, other than bragging rights, but who knows? Maybe something will be conjured up as a small reward. :) Happy balloon hunting!